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A company which promises to serve Pure Halal meat of the most trustworthy to consume quality...

About Us

Fresh N Frozen Food Tech, is proud to announce itself as one of the premier Exporter of Frozen Boneless Halal Buffalo Meat and edible offal products. It is our specialization in serving the best quality product to customers which has led us towards earning great acclamation in the market for serving Meat to our clients in various types such as Cubes, Rump Steak, Strip Loin and much more. We always believe in keeping ourselves true to the commitments we make to our clients for quality, owing to which we are able to accreditation from some of the most reputed and recognized authorities of the nation. So far, we have catered to several overseas countries and are continuously willing to expand our capabilities so as to make available Halal meat to more markets. Some of the foreign markets we have served are:- 
  • China
  • Egypt
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Russia
  • Vietnam
We have been recognized by the Government of India as a Star Export House.

Our Vision

The vision of our company starts from earning satisfaction of customers and ends at earning a dominant position in the global market. We seek to fulfill this dream by maintaining strict hygiene in processing the meat and ascertain that the offerings remain at par with the standards regulated by international authorities. We are constantly improving ourselves and are making ourselves better than ever before on each step we make in this industry.

The success of our company and accomplishment of our goals is also supported by the efforts our employees put in for attaining the targets. If it was not for their dedication, we would have been a company which failed to even conquer its first objective.

Our Mission

We always strive to meet the demands of customers and earn their contentment by serving them halal, pure and fresh meat.

Chairman Message

We always remain committed to our respected clients and believe in providing them with quality food products which are essential to consume. We are well aware of all the factors which helps us in making a good relationship with our clients and always focus on treating in the best possible manner. Our focus in on continuously striving towards delivering finest quality frozen meat at most affordable prices.

Quality & Certifications

Below are the names of the registration authorities which have provided us with their certifications:
  • 100% Halal Food
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)
  • Federation of Indian Export organization (FI EO)
  • Food safety management system certificate
  • The company is certified by FSSAI
  • The plant has been approved by APEDA
  • International standard (ISO-22000)
  • SSOP (Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures)
About Plant

The People

The manufacturing unit is backed by employees who well understands the promises of our company and dedicates themselves towards working with sheer perfection and excellence.

The HALAL Slaughter House

Literal meaning of Halal stands to be Lawful and Permitted. Having a facility in which the meat is processed in a Halal manner has been of utmost importance to our firm. Owing to which we have registered ourselves at, Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind, one of the largest and the oldest Indian Muslims NGO. This registration authority has a separate patented certification format. Attaining such accreditation from this authority has led us towards announcing ourselves as a company which serves meat which is 100% Halal. This Slaughterhouse/Abttoir of ours, is located in southern part of India-Amberpet, which has been approved by APEDA
(APEDA No:176,177) for exporting chilled and frozen meet. As per the assessments of APEDA, we are allowed to slaughter 800 buffalo on a daily basis and can freeze up to 1800 MT every month.